I had multiple experiences working with Aaron Fuller and SDS, and all resulted in positive movement in our data projects. The team brought a wealth of ideas and a balanced approach to the specific data problems. Unlike many others that take an academic approach and don’t listen to the problem, SDS focused on the problem statement and took creative approaches to solving it.

I plan on using SDS in the future.

Dan Totten

Aaron’s ability to synthesize information on a topic, master it, and provide strategic direction around it are unparalleled. He is able to communicate that strategic direction at all levels and all in all ways–verbal, written, presentational, etc. I can highly recommend Aaron for any Data Architecture or Strategic planning needs you may have.

David Zink, Development Manager, TechSmith Corporation

I had the pleasure of working with Aaron on several projects where his knowledge and skills in the data warehousing arena proved invaluable.  Aaron was always available and patient and provided the information that was needed to make our projects successful.  I would strongly recommend Aaron to anyone who is looking for a professional in the Database/Data Warehousing field.

John Shaening, Conversion Developer, Endurance